March Madness

March is in full swing and we are right there with it. Did you know that March is named for the Roman God of War, Mars? March Madness indeed. This month has a lot of spunk with Irish luck, basketball finals and Spring! Yes Spring is in the air and coming fast. At Anahata Healing, we believe Spring is a time for clearing away the old and making way for anew. We have so many ways to help with new classes starting this week and an Ohmazing event this Friday night.

This week, we've added 2 new Vinyasa Flow Classes guided by the beautiful Stephanie: 6am Monday mornings & 8:30am Friday Mornings. One breath, one movement, one hour to make your next 24 that much better. We have an incredible event Friday night with Emilie & Travis. The Vernal Equinox Yoga & Gong journey. The event has been sold out, but stay tuned for future monthly events! Due to this event, our normal 7pm Candlelight Yin Yoga will be postponed but resuming again Next Friday.

Class of the Week is Chair Yoga! Chair Yoga is the perfect class for everyBODY. Unsure how yoga will impact your body? Try chair yoga. Have a relative/friend you want to start feeling the benefits of yoga but they have a few injuries/ailments/disabilities holding them back? Try chair Yoga. Not feeling yourself? Try chair yoga. This is the class for every and any hesitancy about your physicality and the art of yoga. Classes are every Monday & Wednesday 10am. The guides are Skye & Jesse. You are in great hands with those two spiritual leaders.

So what will you clear away this month? Some cobwebs, old clothes or winter garbs? Why don't you try a spiritual cleanse as well? Focus on clearing away negativity. It's actually easier than you think. Something as simple as looking for the good in the little things you overlook. Waking up and thanking the stars above that you have another day to live. Understanding that the grumpy person bothering your vibe has a lot on their plate, wish them happiness and smile as you walk away. It just takes a few little changes to create a soul cleanse and positively change your heart, soul and mind. And happiness reflects physically as well. Smile at somebody today, you never know whose life it can change. Pay it forward always, the Universe will pay it back. That's Karma, Baby. Just stay on the happier side of it.

So lose the madness this March. Begin your Spring and/or Soul cleansing today. Come by, bring a friend

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