Stephanie is a Colorado native born and raised in Pueblo.

She is a licensed esthetician and a dental hygienist.

Stephanie discovered yoga in October of 2015 during an unexpected life transformation.

Her passion for yoga was immediate and she wanted a deeper connection and knowledge of her asana practice and the philosophy of yoga.

She soon found out that yoga would be part of her life forever.

After practicing yoga consistently for 3 months she started her 200 hour teacher training in Jan of 2016.

Yoga is a practice she has always come back to in all phases of her life. 

Yoga is Stephanie’s moving mediation and finds herself using all aspects of the yoga practice in her daily life.

Stephanie has completed her 200 hour teacher training and is registered with The Yoga Alliance.

She has completed several continuing education classes in various aspects of the yoga practice.

She also received her Barre Forte certification in November 2015.

When not on her mat, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her daughter and miniature Schnauzer Gus.

Stephanie enjoys kayaking, vacationing in Hawaii, being in the mountains, reading and listening to loud music!



Melissa 'Missy" Mihelich: Born in New Orleans,LA, Melissa (aka Missy) grew up strong with family, outdoors, sports and culture. Her kindred soul & Grannie, got her into Yoga during her late teens. During Hurricane Katrina, she met the man of her dreams and uprooted to his home state.  They have 2 beautiful children together and reside in Pueblo near his family. During 2016, events turned Melissa to an awakening, or Bodhii and she made a life decision to become a student of yoga for life.  She completed her RYT200 Teaching Certification. Yoga has healed her heart, her mind and her soul. Barre helped with her uptempo sports and dance roots. She became Barre certified Fall 2017 and is equally passionate. Foundation, Alignment and Confidence is what she thrives for her students to achieve. She’s full of life and love for everything authentic. Join her classes and feel her difference.


Skye (Sherry)

“Yoga has given me clarity, strength, and flexibility, as well as healing from trauma. I believe yoga is perfect for every body, age, size and ability. Yoga is not a competitive sport nor is it an athletic competition. 

We need Gentle yoga and Yin yoga to allow ourselves to find stillness, to release tension and to practice Ahimsa (self-compassion.) 


Yoga means connection – mind, body and soul, and  that’s what happens when you step onto your

mat. You begin to connect with all of yourself, in a profound way.

I firmly adhere to the Yoga 

Sutra that states “No effort is ever wasted."


Skye completed her 200-hour RYT yoga training from Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs. She is also a "Yoga for All" certified teacher, who infuses body positivity into her yoga classes by offering modifications and variations for all bodies and abilities.

Skye has over 1000 teaching hours and has taught in numerous studios, PCC, gyms, and senior homes.


Off the mat,  Skye is a writer, journaler, and teacher, author of local history books, funky artist, avid reader and gardener,, and hiker to out-of-the-way places.

She hopes to be teaching yoga at the age of one-hundred!


Jesse & Charles

Hey there Jesse and Charles here....

Coming at you from our sweet little spot on the Southside.  We believe that humans are capable of healing in innumerable ways, which is why we created this space. It is soooo important to simply feel good.  We understand that intention supported by love is a WIN/WIN  for you, for us, our town, our planet and beyond.  We are super proud to be here in Pueblo, we love this town and are honored to be able to offer just a few gentle ways to approach healing.

Charles is a certified Reiki Master and is also certified in the Crystal Singing Bowls. Both of which are recognized as legitimate modalities.

You will always find us enthusiastically striving to understand more about " what the deal is?", here on Earth mother.

We are just so grateful...thank you

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I attended my first yoga class in 2006 and at the time I was running a lot and I found that my body recovered so much faster when I maintained a steady yoga practice.  Yoga has changed my life for the better across the board, whether we are talking about maintaining relationships or creating better physical, mental and emotional health. 


In June of 2017, I received my 100-Hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor Training Certificate with Arpita Shah and in October of that same year, I earned my yoga teacher training certificate with Marcee Gutman-Ballantyne at Fountain of Health Yoga Studio. In 2018, I received my Gong Therapy Training Certificate in sound healing with Mehtab Benton in Austin, TX.


I love helping students have fun while gaining greater confidence, body awareness and motivation to challenge perceived limitations. I continue to study and learn and grow as a student and teacher and am looking forward to studying in India in the Fall of 2021.



Shaun's first introduction to yoga was in the early 90's when he had become active in the Hare Krishna movement and started hanging around the devotees at the Denver temple. He had started a spiritual journey which over the course of the next twenty years led to the study of numerous religious philosophies and occult teachings trying to find what he felt was missing inside of him. In the early 2000's he was traveling regularly around the country as a musician when the anxieties and depression's that he'd dealt with since his youth started to take a huge toll on him mentally and physically and he ended up being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown and a suicide attempt. A few years later he would find the love of his life and marry, and become a father, but still couldn't shake the traumas that haunted him. At his wife's suggestion after taking a yoga class, he started the physical practice of asana and began to feel the benefits of this practice. In 2015 he had the opportunity to do a yoga teacher training course and became a 200 hr certified instructor and has been teaching ever since. He has taught many types of classes including Vinyasa, Yin, Hot yoga, 26 traditional hot, and a hybrid Vin/Yin. Today he has come back to the practice of Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of love and devotion) in his life and is once again reconnected to the philosophy that planted the spiritual seed so many years before. Shaun is a student of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and is a Hare Krishna devotee.